1. Brief Explanation of ReportVarTable
    1. This class reads data from XML files. It contains several groups of variables.
  2. List of Member Variables and Methods
    1. How to Create a class instance

      >>> r=ReportVarTable(".\\test_output\\REPORTVAR.txt")
    2. Functions
      1. __init__(self,*args,**kwargs)

        >>> r.__dict__
        {'odReportVars': OrderedDict([('ok', ['aa', 'bb', 'CC'])]),
         '_pThisModuleDir': WindowsPath('C:/Users/User/Documents/ACT/ActModel/ActModel_Curr'),
         '_pFilePath': WindowsPath('test_output/REPORTVAR.txt'),
         '_xmlRoot': <Element 'ROOT' at 0x000000000A0E6D18>,
         'CLASS_TYPE': 'ReportVarTable',
         'NAME': 'report1',
         'BODY': OrderedDict([('ok', ['aa', 'bb', 'CC'])])}
      1. _fXMLReadBody(self)

      … and other functions

    3. Variables
      1. self._pThisModuleDir
      2. self._pFilePath
      3. self._xmlRoot
      4. self.BODY
      5. self.odReportVars #ALIAS FOR self.BODY
  3. Related Document

    Sample Code for .\test_output\REPORTVAR.txt

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
            <CLASS_TYPE type="str" is_array="false">ReportVarTable</CLASS_TYPE>
            <NAME type="str" is_array="false">report1</NAME>
                    <REPORT_VARS name="ok">